2014 Hearing Aid Designs Prettier

2014 Hearing Aid Designs Prettier

http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/hearing-problems/Pages/hearing-aids.aspxPretty! Right?

“It’s estimated that there are 4 million people with hearing loss in the UK who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid but who don’t wear one.

According to Action on Hearing Loss audiology specialist, Crystal Rolfe, many people are put off by the idea of wearing hearing aids because they think they are unsightly and that they will make them look old and disabled.

“There’s still a stigma surrounding hearing aids, but it’s out of date. Modern hearing aids are a great improvement on those that were available even a couple of decades ago.

“Today’s digital hearing aids work better than the older analogue ones, and they’re much smaller and neater than they used to be. We need a new attitude to hearing aids. Wearing them should be as unremarkable as wearing glasses,” she says.”

Read more here: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/hearing-problems/Pages/hearing-aids.aspx