Baby Boomer Tip – Make Your Screen Large or Small

Baby Boomer Tip  Make Your Screen Large or Small How to Make Your Text or Screen Large or small; I use this one SO much that I thought I'd share it with you all. When you start straining to read the text or image on your screen, there's a quick fix, you don't even have to reach for the mouse; A keyboard shortcut that will make your entire screen get large or small. Especially since so many websites are now using a light grey font color. (It's like the entire Internet read more.. Is Distracting Us Is Distracting Us Many of you are probably unaware of our other passion; Spirit Bears from The Great Bear Rainforest. We're a little distracted as we add many more original videos showing Apollo, The Hibernating Spirit Bear leaving his winter den. This is a special White Kermode Spirit Bear that we discovered on our property so close to our home that we were able to live stream Apollo during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! Spirit Bear hibernating In His Winter Den Check read more..

Cleaning your ears experience-April 2014

Waterpik WP-900 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush Complete Care Image

Cleaning your ears experience: April 2014 In an effort to improve my hearing naturally, I had an opportunity to do a self-cleaning of my ears last week April, 2014. Here are some revisions to my earlier instructions. Using a turkey baster is for turkeys. You cannot get the regular or continual flow experience you need for cleaning your ears using this tool. The bubble baster with the finer tip specifically for your ears from the drug store does a much better job. You will need two people read more..