Baby Boomer Tip – Make Your Screen Large or Small

Baby Boomer Tip 

Make Your Screen Large or Small

How to Make Your Text or Screen Large or small;

I use this one SO much that I thought I’d share it with you all.

When you start straining to read the text or image on your screen, there’s a quick fix, you

don’t even have to reach for the mouse;
A keyboard shortcut that will make your entire screen
get large or small.

Especially since so many websites are now using a light grey font color.

(It’s like the entire Internet has been hijacked by Mac-brain-washed

designers, probably the same guys that think we all need Chrome.)

So here’s the simple fix;

To Make Larger: On your keyboard hit Control (CTRL) and the +

(Control and the plus sign at the same time)

To Make Smaller: Hit CTRL and -

(Control and the dash sign at the same time)

You can make your screen really big by hitting CTRL + over and over, try it!

And to bring it back down, hit CTRL – over and over again.

It’s important to memorize or write down both, or you’ll be annoyed with me,

it’s way too easy to make your screen big, then you forget you even did that,

then you go to some site that items are off the screen or too crowded. Just remember,

hit CTRL – and it’ll come right back down.

But when you’re reading a lot of text that you’re having to strain to read, CTRL +

is a savior!

Stephanie Waymen

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