Scientists Map Tinnitus in Human Brain during Surgery


Researchers from the University of Iowa and Newcastle University have taken advantage of a rare opportunity to record and map tinnitus in the brain of a patient undergoing surgery, with the goal of finding the brain networks responsible for this condition characterized by “phantom noise.” According to an April 23, 2015 article published in the Cell Press journal Current Biology, their findings reveal the differences between tinnitus and normal representations of sounds in the read more..

Save 75% on The Hearing Pill by US Navy

Save 75% on The Hearing Pill by US Navy

Save 75% on The Hearing Pill by US Navy The main ingredient in the highly effective Hearing Pill is NAC or N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. ave 75% on The Hearing Pill by buying it directly NAC directly from Nutricology. Same thing...huge savings! Order NAC here. Home read more..

Baby Boomer Tip – Make Your Screen Large or Small

Baby Boomer Tip  Make Your Screen Large or Small How to Make Your Text or Screen Large or small; I use this one SO much that I thought I'd share it with you all. When you start straining to read the text or image on your screen, there's a quick fix, you don't even have to reach for the mouse; A keyboard shortcut that will make your entire screen get large or small. Especially since so many websites are now using a light grey font color. (It's like the entire Internet read more.. Is Distracting Us Is Distracting Us Many of you are probably unaware of our other passion; Spirit Bears from The Great Bear Rainforest. We're a little distracted as we add many more original videos showing Apollo, The Hibernating Spirit Bear leaving his winter den. This is a special White Kermode Spirit Bear that we discovered on our property so close to our home that we were able to live stream Apollo during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics! Spirit Bear hibernating In His Winter Den Check read more..

Cleaning your ears experience-April 2014

Waterpik WP-900 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush Complete Care Image

Cleaning your ears experience: April 2014 In an effort to improve my hearing naturally, I had an opportunity to do a self-cleaning of my ears last week April, 2014. Here are some revisions to my earlier instructions. Using a turkey baster is for turkeys. You cannot get the regular or continual flow experience you need for cleaning your ears using this tool. The bubble baster with the finer tip specifically for your ears from the drug store does a much better job. You will need two people read more..

New Article: The 5 Best Cures And Home Remedies For Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Harreson has written an article "The 5 Best Cures And Home Remedies For Tinnitus and Hearing Loss", laying out the five most important supplements to improve your hearing naturally. ie; this useful resource exposes a little known fact; The US Navy spent millions researching "The Hearing Pill". Not only does he give an easy to understand explanation, he amazingly gives you the secret replacement, saving you 80%! Read the entire article here; read more..

We’ve published “Improve Hearing Naturally Studies Index”

We've published "Improve Hearing Naturally Studies Index" Please check out our new index of in depth studies from around the world on How to Improve Your Hearing Naturally; You will find everything from Alcohol Use And Hearing Loss In Men-Study to Zinc, Inflammation and Hearing Loss – study Enjoy! Home read more..

Improve Your Hearing Naturally With Secret Hormone

Improve Your Hearing Naturally With Secret Hormone now on "Aldosterone is an adrenal steroid hormone from the mineralocorticoid family that is essential to your life. This is because it regulates kidney function and makes sure the amounts of electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chloride and bicarbonate) in your body are in balance. This type of hormone is secreted naturally by your adrenal cortex and simultaneously regulates your electrolyte levels by helping to maintain blood read more..

Affordable Alternative to The Hearing Pill by US Navy

Affordable Alternative to The Hearing Pill by US Navy The US Navy has spent millions on researching The Hearing Pill The Hearing Pill is highly effective in restoring impaired hearing due to it's only ingredient NAC or N-acetyl cysteine, which is an the essential nutrient necessary to protect and maintain the integrity of the inner hair cell synapse, allowing damaged hearing to improve or protect your hearing from hearing loss at rock concerts, night clubs or shooting ranges. For complete read more..

Aspirin shows promise in combating a common, antibiotic-induced hearing loss

Aspirin shows promise in combating a common, antibiotic-induced hearing loss Aspirins and Antibiotics Curse or Cure – Study Thanks to Dr. Jochen Schacht, and Dr. Su-Hua Sha. Their test results including ‘aspirin and antibiotics’ appears in the April 27 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. April 26, 2006   University of Michigan, Chinese hospital find high success rate at preserving hearing when aspirin is paired with widely used antibiotic ANN ARBOR, MI –Around read more..

White Noise Machines Could Hurt Babies’ Hearing, Study Suggests

  White Noise Machines Could Hurt Babies' Hearing, Study Suggests "Researchers tested 14 widely available machines that play white noise and other soothing sounds for an article published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. At one foot away, three of the machines produced such intense sound levels at maximum volume that, if played through the night, they would exceed allowable noise limits for adults at work." Read complete article here. For more information on how to improve and read more..

We’re Expanding Into

We're Expanding Into covers many health issues from natural Acne Cures to Yeast Infections and is now including a long list of original articles on hearing loss, hearing aids and how to improve your hearing naturally. Check it out and let us know what other articles we can include to help improve your hearing or buy affordable hearing aids. Please Email us here. read more..

Shouting Won’t Help: Why I-and 50 Million Other Americans-Can’t Hear You – Book Review

"Shouting Won't Help: Why I-and 50 Million Other Americans-Can't Hear You" by Katherine Bouton - Book Review Former New York Times editor Katherine Bouton, and author of "Shouting Won’t Help, Why I –and 50 Million Other Americans – Can’t Hear You" in her hearing loss book , Ms. Bouton describes the difficulties, both practical and emotional, of coping with unexpected hearing impairment; the “invisible” disability. Katherine's journey, from denial and keeping her hearing read more..

Why Using Noise Reduction Headphones With An Mp3 Player Is Better Than Earbuds

"MP3 players and portable CD players frequently come with the standard earbud headphones. Headphones match the head such as for instance a hearing aid and are light and portable. Should people desire to dig up additional info on rent hearing test torrance, there are many libraries people might think about investigating. Their strengths, however, end there. When it involves the quality of the music you are listening to, that quality may be considerably diminished as a result of failure of earbud read more..

Introducing the first ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aid

Control ReSound LiNX hearing aid with an app and can program for their individual settings. And the hearing aids can also be used to stream music and talk on the phone! Hearing aids can now be controlled by an iPhone app! Amazing! GN ReSound has introduced a hearing aid that is controlled by an app. The ReSound LiNX is being touted as the first “iPhone” hearing aid, but it is also compatible with iPads and iPods. Users adjust everything from the volume to the bass and tremble in read more..

Using Cell Phones With Your Hearing Aid

"People who wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants used to have trouble using cell phones. But not anymore. Now there are many options for cell phones and hearing aids that make it easier than ever to hear. Arizona (I-Newswire) February 14, 2014 - Many people who use hearing aids used to have trouble with cell phones. Speech coming through the phone wasn't loud enough, or the phone caused interference with the hearing aids, leading to feedback and making cell phones difficult to use. But read more..

Tinnitus study signals new advance in understanding link between exposure to loud sounds and hearing loss

Tinnitus study signals new advance in understanding link between exposure to loud sounds and hearing loss   Leicester research reveals why hearing loss is correlated with auditory signals failing to get transmitted along the auditory nerve "This new study is particularly important because it allows us to understand the pathway from exposure to loud sound leading to the hearing loss. We now have a better idea about the mechanisms behind the auditory signals failing to get read more..

We’ve added a New Hearing Test to

 We've added a New Hearing Test to The Better Hearing Institute has nicely provided the world with a free online hearing test: Click here: This convenient online hearing test is a list of determining questions, with no piercing squeals. When you are finished this short questionnaire, the computer will tally up your score, compare your results with an 11,000 people data base to provide a quick evaluation of read more..

“Improve Your Hearing Naturally” Book Review

"Improve Your Hearing Naturally" Book Review has just reviewed the valuable hearing book "Improve Your Hearing Naturally" by Mike Tucker....great book! Super valuable information that could save you buying an expensive hearing aid, drugs or surgery! Please click here for review read more..

Benefits of cochlear implants in older adults go beyond restored hearing

Benefits of cochlear implants in older adults go beyond restored hearing   "(BPT) - As a private pilot and frequent commercial passenger, John Walkup’s hearing worsened over a number of years. But during one memorable airline flight, he suddenly lost most of his hearing, leading to enormous life changes. The impact of his hearing loss went beyond simply not being able to hear. His career ended abruptly. Walkup went on permanent disability and started looking for a new occupation read more..