Cleaning your ears experience-April 2014

Cleaning your ears experience: April 2014

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In an effort to improve my hearing naturally, I had an opportunity to do a self-cleaning of my ears last week April, 2014. Here are some revisions to my earlier instructions. Using a turkey baster is for turkeys. You cannot get the regular or continual flow experience you need for cleaning your ears using this tool. The bubble baster with the finer tip specifically for your ears from the drug store does a much better job. You will need two people for this one. Finally, I used our water pic turned on low. I purposely directed the flow directly at the side of the ear and not the ear drum. It worked great! I highly recommend it.

That was the third time I have cleaned my ears in my life. And every time I’m amazed at the results. Our neighbors voices were always a low muffled sound behind the walls of next door. I could never make out anything they said. However, while sitting catching my breath yesterday, I realized for the first time, that I was listening to each individual word they used with clear understanding of every sound they made. Gee! Should I tell them? What an amazing difference!

This is why we ask people who are new to our site to first start by cleaning their ears. It’s so important. Before making a decision on an expensive hearing aid for your hearing loss, get your ears cleaned. You will be really glad that you did. It’s like freshly brushed teeth, only it’s your ears. Then get behind telling your friends how they can improve their hearing naturally too. They’ll be really glad you did.

Thanks. Harreson

Clean Your Ears First