Cost Of Cheap Hearing Aids

The cost of cheap hearing aids has made digital aids very affordable.  Years ago a study was done asking hearing aid users to try an analog aid, and then a digital one and give their own cheap hearing aid review. Then they were given an analog aid and were told it was digital and people still found the so called “digital” aid to be more effective. People believe the hype that digital is better no matter what. Yes digital has it’s advantages, so do analogs.

Most aids today are digital, though not all are 100% digital

After getting the cost of cheap hearing aids down to something more affordable, then there’s the technical hype that sellers baffle you with to make their aids sound more technically advanced. Sure, there’s directional microphones, multiple bands, dynamic range compression or the performance of one algorithm over another. Yet we know that people make the uneducated assumption that technical is better. Have you learned about what’s in a hearing aid today? It’s incredible the engineering that goes into those aids.

Then there’s the personal evaluation hype that fills the reviews with how much better this one or that one sounded over the others. The bottom line is sixty-forty. Sixty say great. Forty say they’re trash.

There are however a few things you can look out for that can help you with your decision.
To begin with, every discipline like Otolaryngology, the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, and throat, has it’s own language, as do hearing aids.

It helps to get to know the terms that are used to describe different aspects of a hearing aid.
You can obtain a simple understanding to help you out to begin with or
find yourself in something very complex to understand.

However when purchasing a cheap hearing aid,
the so called science comes down to:
a) does it amplify sound well enough without feedback or distortion, or:
b) does it fit you properly and look OK.
Even the CIC (Completely In the Canal) aids have a plastic wand sticking out to help you remove them at the end of the day. Those wands are as obvious as the customary BTE (Behind The Ear) aid we’ve become accustomed to. No matter how much the advertising claim they disappear.

Hearing aids are individual.
The bottom line is, there’s no one aid that fits all. So if your aid does not fit you correctly, you’ll need to return it. If you bought it off Amazon, chances are you can’t return it. I only saw one company out of ten with a return policy. That’s why you don’t see a lot of the better hearing aids sold on Amazon. Audiologists know what you need and will not let themselves be dictated to by a companies policy of not opening the package. You can’t know how well it works until you’ve opened the package.

When you choose to buy a cheap hearing aid, you’re doing just that; buying a cheap aid. Some will work, and work great, and some will be a waste of your money. They are however, entry level tests by the consumer to check out how well they help with your hearing needs. Some people immerse their big toe in the water before jumping in the pool.

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