New Tinnitus Relief Study – Sound Therapy No Music

New Tinnitus Relief Study – Sound Therapy No Music

This is a non-musical project in order to help those who,

like myself (albeit mild) suffer from tinnitus.

“The working concept is based on a like-for-like theory whereby the re-creation of a specific sound attempts to reverse the effect.

The foundation of this sound research was to attempt to recreate the tinnitus effect in terms of white noise. This was indeed simple enough to achieve yet the importance of matching the tones (in terms of level and range) with the level of white noise, so that both played at roughly the correct level at specifically lower volumes became the experiment.

For the brainwave frequency I worked on a range somewhere around 18hz by request and I finally decided that the timing needed to be an hour.

This is not music in any way, shape or form but I hope that in some way this will help you with your tinnitus relief.”