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HearingAidsHearingLoss.com was founded with you the consumer as our absolute priority. Our mission is to bring you state of the art hearing devices for a fraction of the cost. Having your hearing be impaired does not mean you have to go around without quality 100% digital hearing aids.

We have also done extensive research to ensure you are well informed and can naturally improve your hearing and quality of life by using the natural methods and supplements found here. These both help improve and prevent hearing loss.

We provide an online hearing test/survey to help you decide if you need an aid, or which hearing aid product is best for you.

It’s important to be aware that many hearing aids advertise their products as being digital or digital programmable. However, they are not 100% digital hearing aids. They are inferior analog products. We ask that you carefully read and understand what you are buying. If the product states that they are “100% digital”, then what you are getting is the best product available with the latest in technological advances.

It’s also important to remember when spending great sums on a hearing aid, that they usually start to break down after only two years of use, and are considered by industry standards to be obsolete after five. Best to use natural methods to return your hearing loss first.

Please read over all the material on our website. After that, If you have any questions, please ask about us.
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